It is a traditional dessert from Britain, It consists of a baked, breadcrumb-thickened mixture, spread with jam and topped with meringue. One same recipe called Monmouth Pudding and Manchester Pudding. Awesome dessert, Try it at your home.

Queen of Pudding 

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Serve: 4
Level Of Cooking: Easy
Type: Dessert


Lemon Yeast
 Caster Sugar
Egg Yolk
Bread crumbs
Fruits [cherries, strawberries]
Caster Sugar + Egg White
150gm + 3 no


  1. Take a saucepan and add milk into it.
  2. Add butter into a pan and melt properly.
  3. Add lemon zest and caster sugar in the pan.
  4. Add egg York and whisk properly by doing this add breadcrumbs and keep aside and give rest for 5 to 10 min.
  5. Now, bake this in a mold. And now make meringue pipe and make a layer of cream add fruits.
  6. Put these layers on baked pudding and garnish this with meringue + fruits.

Roast Chicken

 Preparation Time- 20 mins 
 Cooking Time - 1 hour
 Total Time 1 h 35 min


    ·            1 Roasting chicken
·             ½ tsp Olive oil
·             1/4 tsp thyme
·             1/4 tsp Rosemary
·             1/4 tsp Finely chopped garlic
·             Peeled garlic one clove
·             ½ Lemon
·             Salt 1 pinch




  1. Preheat the oven to 220 ° C (thermostat 7). In a small bowl, mix the oil, thyme, rosemary, and chopped garlic well.
  2.    Rinse the cavity and the outside of the chicken, pat dry with a paper towel. Fold the wings under the chicken and carefully remove the skin from the breasts. Rub the flesh below the surface with the oil mixture as well as the cavity and the outside of the chicken. Put the garlic cloves and the lemon in the hole. Tie the legs together. Salt and pepper.
  3.  Place the chicken on the grill pan—roast for an hour. Remove from the oven and tilt the chicken in the broiler pan so that the juice escapes from the cavity. Drizzle with sauce and return the chicken to the oven.
  4. To finish.
  5.   Place the chicken in a serving dish and let stand for 15 minutes. Cut and serve with rice, fries, etc. To reduce fat, avoid eating the skin.

Meat, when someone hears this word, a picture that comes in mind is different meat types like delightful Pork, Lamb, Beef, or an enormous list of tempting and delicious dishes. If you are a meat-eater, there is little that can compete with a tasty and delightful meat dishes. Meat is an enormously versatile food constituent that can be used to make a large number of dishes according to the desire and perception of consumers and chefs.

Meat Steak

Types of Meat

Generally, meat is divided into two broad groups, i.e., red and white meat. Raw red meat is visually red or dark, and its sources are veal, pork, venison, beef, lamb, goat, and mutton. In contrast, white meat is mostly translucent or pale in color when raw. On cooking, mostly its proteins coagulate, recombine or denature, and it turns whitish or pale to opaque. Chicken, poultry, turkey, and fish, etc., are their primary sources. On average red meat is considered superior on white meat because of its rich nutritional profile, including proteins and healthy fats.    

Composition of Meat

Meat is a good source of high-value micronutrients and essential proteins that are necessary for the proper growth and development throughout life. It also contains a good range of fats, including health-promoting polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Raw meat comprises of 20-25 percent protein, and after cooking, this range extends to 28-36 percent because of the decrease in water content that results in condensing of nutrients. Protein obtained from meat sources is highly digestible. Its digestibility is 96 percent, which is much higher in comparison to the 78 percent of beans and 86 percent of whole wheat. Protein from all the meat groups delivers all the essential amino acids that are essential for the proper working of the human body.   

Nutritional Comparison of White and Red Meat

White Meat
White meat is famous for its vitamin B12, Zinc, and Iron content. Moreover, turkey and chicken meat, which belong to this group of meat, are fat-free meat and hence are advised to take for weight loss and recovery from illnesses. Similarly, fish and seafood are considered light food sources. Saltwater fish is a rich source of omega-3-fatty acids (health-promoting fat) that are considered as new health-promoting food components. These are very beneficial for the optimal functioning of the heart.

Red Meat
The nutritional profile of red meat varies from type to type. Usually, beef meat is considered superior in this group because of health-promoting fat (similar to the fat of olive oil and fish oil). It lowers the level of bad cholesterol and promotes the good cholesterol level that helps in improving the blood circulation and saves the human from heart diseases. This meat group is very beneficial for the health of human beings.

How to Get Good Quality Meat?

The primary recommendation by the experts for buying quality meat is to get familiar with a local butcher. He is the person who can provide you with the healthiest, freshest, and best meat slab that will give the most delicious and tender meals.

Fresh Meat 

Things to considering While Purchasing the Meat

·         Package has a valid expiry date
·         Meat fat is not yellow, and meat color is not turned to brown or purple
·         Meat is kept frozen
·         No foul odor is coming from the package
·         The package is labeled clearly with a description of the expiry date, packaging, price, weight, and cut of meat
·         The package is certified as organic
·         The package is sealed efficiently
·         Meat is from a healthy animal

Good Practices for Storage and Transportation of Meat

·         If you want a longer shelf of meat
·         Slice your meat only while
·         Keep the cold chain from butcher shop to home
·         Store your meat at 4-6 degree Celsius in a refrigerator before use

·         Prefer to mince your meat at home just before cooking as the packaged minced meat is mostly tougher due to the lack of airflow.

·         Avoid refreezing the meat after thawing as it will affect the quality and safety negatively. Instead, cook the meat after thawing and store it after cooking if necessary.

Cooking Strategy

While cooking any meat steak, it is up to you and your guests that how you desire your meat to be cooked. European people have their own cooking style, and they love to cook meat for only a couple of minutes while the people of Asia, mainly belonging to the sub-continent (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), love the meat dishes that are well cooked. Both have their own pros and cons. These usually have different tastes. But when you get it right in taste, you will not stop yourself from cooking it again and again in that way every time.

Let's have a look at a delicious recipe!!!!

Here we have brought a recipe for delicate and tender beef steak. We are going to let you know the required ingredients and procedure to make a complete dish. Keeping this recipe in view, now it's up to you to increase the ingredients appropriately to fill the more hungry mouths.



Beef steak
1 kg
Beef stock cubes
1 no.
Boiling water
300 ml.
As required
As required

Optional ingredients

100 gm.
50 gm.
50 gm.
150 gm.
Fresh herbs
10 gm.
French Beans
150 gm.
200 gm.


  1. Take the meat steak in a deep roasting pan.
  2. Season it with pepper and salt to taste and sprinkle the crushed beef cubes.
  3. Pour boiling water over steak so that it measures at least 2 cm deep in the pan.
  4. Cut the selected vegetable into large chunks and add these around the meat.
  5. Cover the pan with a tight lid.
  6. Cook in the pan at 200 ℃ for 30 minutes in an oven.
  7. Lower down the temperature to 170 ℃ and continue cooking for 1.5 hours.
  8. Serve with BBQ sauce for an extra smoky flavor.

Grilled Steak

Enjoy!!! Your dish is ready.


You can incorporate tasty and delicious meat into your routine diet, and yet you can lose weight as it is the richest source of almost all the required essential nutrients.